Our Business Partners

Lima Endustriyel Bilgisayar chooses world’s leading manufactures proven in their fields as business partners. Our business partners enable us to provide innovative and reliable solutions for your projects at affordable prices. We are known to provide long-term project design, customization, adaptation and prompt after-sales support services through these manufacturers, most of which we have been authorized distributors in Turkey for many years.;


Advantech's corporate vision is "Enabling an Intelligent Planet". The company is a global leader in the fields of intelligent IoT solutions and embedded platforms. To embrace the momentum of IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence, Advantech promotes IoT hardware bundled with software solutions in order to assist business partners and clients. Together with its business partners, Advantech is creating ecosystems that will accelerate the development of industrial business intelligence in every sector.

Lima Endüstriyel Bilgisayar’ın Advantech’le ortak çalışmaları  1999 yılında başlamış olup  Türkiye’deki en büyük Advantech iş ortağı konumundadır. Özellikle savunma sanayi, enerji sektörü ve yapay görme konusunda ortak proje geliştirme çalışmaları yürütmekteyiz.

You can access Advantech products via Industrial Computing, Industrial Communication, Automation, Machine Vision pages, or contact us.

Basler AG

Basler is an internationally leading manufacturer of high-quality cameras and accessories for applications in factory automation, medicine, traffic and a variety of other markets. The Basler Group is home to approximately 1000 employees at its headquarters in Ahrensburg, Germany, and at other locations in Europe, Asia and North America.

To reach further information about Basler products use Machine Vision pages, or you can contact us.


Innodisk is a service-driven provider of industrial embedded flash and DRAM storage products and technologies, with a focus. It is widely-recognized for our expertise and responsiveness in the customization of industrial embedded memory. Experienced in-house firmware development team is staffed by industry specialists and delivers fast turn-around and knowledgable support, providing customers with the most effective firmware customization solutions. on the enterprise, industrial, and aerospace industries.

For further information about Innodisk products you can contact us.

Kontron AG

Kontron is a global leader in IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT). Kontron offers individual solutions in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 through a combined portfolio of hardware, software and services. With its standard and customized products based on highly reliable state-of-the-art technologies, Kontron provides secure and connected applications for a wide variety of industries.

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Kowa Optimed is part of Kowa Company Limited, one of the largest privately owned companies in Japan. Founded in 1894, Kowa has grown into a multinational Japanese company actively engaged in various manufacturing and trading activities in the fields of optics, pharmaceutical, life science, textiles and various consumer products. The electronics and optics division of Kowa began the production of lenses in the 1940s. Over the years, the product lines of lenses in the CCTV/security, machine vision and traffic control (ITS) categories have become one of the most extensive in the market.

To reach further information about Kowa products use Lenses pages, or you can contact us.

MBJ Imaging

MBJ Imaging GmbH, founded in 2013, is a subsidiary of MBJ Solutions GmbH. The company specializes in the development, manufacturing and sales of innovative LED lighting and LED controllers for the automation industry.

Illumination is a core component for industrial image processing and critical to the performance of an inspection unit. MBJ Imaging has set itself the goal of offering reliable, industrial-suited and also cost-efficient standard lighting based on the latest LED technologies.

MBJ Imaging ürünleriyle ilgili ek bilgi almak için Endüstriyel Ayndınlatma pages, or you can contact us.


Midwest Optical Systems, headquartered in Palatine, Illinois, has 30 years of experience and innovation in the fields of optical design, fabrication and inspection. MidOpt is a worldwide leader in machine vision filters and optical solutions. Unlike traditional filters, MidOpt filters are designed with a Gaussian transmission curve to allow maximum transmission, emulate the output of the most common LED wavelengths and are less angular dependent.

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Neousys Technology

Neousys Technology Established in 2010, Neousys Technology designs and manufactures industrial grade rugged embedded computers and systems with core expertise ranging from embedded computing to data acquisition and processing.

Neousys is specialized in integrating practical application-oriented functions for automation, machine vision, transportation, GPU computing, surveillance and video analytics into their systems.

To reach further information about Neousys Technology products use Neousys pages, or you can contact us.


Photonfocus  is a manufacturer of high-quality cameras and CMOS image sensors for industrial and non-industrial imaging applications. The cameras cover a wide range of applications in machine vision with a focus on 3D cameras for laser triangulation, hyperspectral, SWIR and UV cameras as well as high-resolution cameras.

Photonfocus specializes in the development of customized cameras and CMOS sensor design. In addition, Photonfocus offers custom-specific OEM camera modules for implementation in embedded vision solutions.

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Zebra - Matrox Imaging

Matrox® Imaging which recently became a part of Zebra Technologies Corporation, is an industry-leading developer and trusted supplier to top OEMs and integrators, providing innovative yet cost-effective hardware and software products used in machine vision applications. The components consist of 3D sensors, smart cameras, vision controllers, I/O cards, and frame grabbers, all designed to provide optimum price-performance within a common software environment.

To reach further information about Zebra - Matrox Imaging products use  Machine Vision pages, or you can contact us.