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Includes industrial Computer/Tablet, Panel PC, Monitor, Processor Modules and Rack Type systems which are designed in accordance with the requirements and operating conditions of industrial platforms and have advanced interfaces, processing power, and high endurance.

Includes communication-related products such as network devices, communication cards/modules with the endurance, redundancy, performance, and reliability required by industrial operating conditions.

It includes Input / Output Cards and Modules for data collection and control from the field / machine, which is the most basic requirement of automation applications.

It is the operation of digitally capturing and processing the images, interpreting the results and then transferring them to the outside world. A machine vision system’s main components are camera/smart camera, lens, vision pc, frame grabber, lighting system and image processing software.

It’s the sector whose main area of interest is the design of the management, control, safety, passenger information, entertainment and communication systems of the rolling stock, motorway, marine and air vehicles, which are used for passenger and load transportation.

It is the sector including electronic systems that produce and transmit information used to efficiently manage the assets and resources of the city.  

The sector targeting to design and develop the processes and systems which increase the quality and yield of industrial production lines.

It’s the design and deployment of systems specifically targeting applications ranging from border security to building, street ,facility, traffic and manufacturing site security.

The sector aiming to develop national technologies for the needs of land, navy and air forces and reduce dependency on foreign resources.

The sector focusing on developing projects that improve the quality, efficieny, and capacity of the industries which expand in parallel with economic growth, such as transportation, education, communication, and energy.


Advantech Security Solutions
Advantech platformları Türkiye'nin güvenlik ve savunma sektörlerinde 20 senedir güvenle kullanılıyor.
Collaborative Robots (Cobots)
Cobot'lar için Yapay Görü Çözümleri
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Who we are

Lima Industrial Computer was established in 1995 to produce and distribute industrial computing, communication and automation solutions.

It is the first company established in Turkey with an industrial computer focus. Lima also realized the production of the first domestic industrial computer with the Jaz series.