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  • Advantech Network Application Platforms, FWA-Firewall series, offers a range of X86 architecture based network appliances targeted for networking and network security applications. Platfrom ranging from 2U enterprise-level dual processor platforms, and 1U high-peformance Intel Core 2 Duo-based system; to compact economical tabletop solutions. Designed with a modular concept, the FWA series also has customizable expansion options to fit any application needs.
Model No
Tabletop Fanless Intel based Platform with 4 GbE LAN Ports
Tabletop Intel® Pentium® M Processor-based Platform with 4 PCIe LAN Ports
Firewall/VPN appliance, 4GbE Intel LANs tabletop
Tabletop Intel® Pentium® M-based Platform with 4 GbE Ports/ MINI PCI Slot
Firewall, 2U, 3 LANs, CPU Card,Gennet
Firewall/VPN appliance, VIA C7,4GbE LAN tabletop
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