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  • In a basic form factor of 114 mm x 95 mm, ETX CPU module provides a scalable solution that meets customer's advanced CPU application development needs and reduces time-to-market. ETX has great I/O capacity and meets both ISA and PCI needs, while supporting the System On Module concept for plug-in CPU modules. With a wide range of processors available, Advantech ETX CPU module gives application engineers powerful CPU platform choices, streamlining the product development process and reducing time-to-market.
    Advantech is a founding member of the ETX Industrial Group (ETX-IG).
Model No
Advantech SoC EVA X4300, 64MB DDR2 on board
Intel® Celeron® M, 852GM ETX CPU Module
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo, 945GME XTX CPU Module
Intel® Pentium® M, 855GME ETX CPU Module
VIA Eden™ (V4) CPU SOM-ETX Module with CPU, VGA/LVDS, Audio & LAN


AMD Geode™ LX800 ETX CPU Module
SOM-ETX Development Board
Advantech x86 SoC ETX CPU Module
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